Spell Template

Example : 

Spell Name : Flame Dart

Type : Novice Destruction , Fire

Range : 30ft +5 per 2 levels

Cost : 1 Natura

Casting: Verbal, Gesture

Description : Flings a dart of pure flame at the target dealing 1d6 fire damage per level up to 5d6

Amplify (2) : +1d4 per level up to 5


Spell Name : This area lists the name of the spell

Type : Always shows what branch of magic it belongs to (Arcane/Divine/Natural will only show if it's exclusive), what level it is, and what branches of magic it uses. In this case it is a Novice level Destruction spell with the fire type.

Cost : Shows how much power casting this spell will take, and how much mana it will use.

Casting : This spell requires both a verbal and gesture component.

Description : tells you exactly what effects the spell creates.

Amplify : The number in parenthesis designates the cost to amplify the spell, some spells can have multiple ways to amplify it, and everything after the colon describes the additive effect. In some cases it replaces the effect all together.

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