Sniper: (Fighter Archetype)

The sniper focuses on his targets from afar, never wanting to get to close where he would lose his advantage.


Level 3 : Far Shot

Description : You gain the ability to ignore the first range increment for any ranged weapon, and while at least 1 range increment away  you gain a +2 to damage with ranged weapons.


Level 7 : Sentry

Description: You gain the ability to use the Sentry Action, which allows you to increase you threatened range to 15ft for purposes of the Attack of Opportunity Reaction.


Level 11 : Critical Eye

Upon obtaining this ability select one ranged weapon. While using this ranged weapon you increase the critical range of the weapon by 1.


Level 15: Penetrating Shots

You have learned the optimal places to target and can ignore 5 hardness or DR of any monster.


Level 19 : Quickfire

Description : You have become adept at sniping targets from range, and can make an additional attack from cover before you become visible

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