Shadow Elves​

Powerful and intimidating the shadow elves stand tall and proud in defense of any place they call home. In their ancient underground cities they fiercely fight off all manor of horrors and abominations, including intrusion from the surface. Often regarded by the other races as overtly hostile they are slow to make friends, but once an alliance has been formed you are treated as one of them, for better or worse.


Tradition is mandated among the Shadow Elves, as following their own strict rules is how they have survived so long in the very harsh and unforgiving Schism. Outsiders are treated with extreme caution if they are even allowed into a city and often have to endure harsh criticism by the community until they have proven their loyalty, at which point they will be defended by the entire city should someone question their commitment.


Physical description : The Shadow Elves call the caverns and caves of the Schism their home. Vast sprawling cities are crafted from the rough stone and their constant battles with the terrors who live below cause them to become quite strong. They rely on divine power for much of their everyday life.


Racial Features :

Attributes : +1 Strength and +1 Charisma

Size : 1

Speed : 30 ft

Languages : Elves begin play speaking Common, Elves with high Intelligence may begin with a number of additional languages equal to their positive intelligence modifier.


Divine Affinity : Shadow Elves gain a level of proficiency with Theology and can roll with advantage once per day.

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