The Rogue

A rogue is the friend that you need no matter where you go. Anything from talking their way in and out of any situation, to picking the locked door to save the princess the Rogue will have you covered.


Exploit Weakness, Character Advancement


Trick of the Trade


Style Archetype




Ability Increase, Character Advancement


Critical Focus


Archetype Improvement


Trick of the Trade


Artful Dodge, Character Advancement


Ability Increase


Archetype Improvement


Critical Focus 2


Fearless, Character Advancement


Trick of the Trade


Ability Increase, Archetype Improvement




Master of Many, Character Advancement


Critical Focus 3


Archetype Improvement


Trick of the Trade, Ability Increase

Saving Throws

Fortitude : Novice

Reflex : Trained

Will : Novice


HP : 10+ 5/lvl

Starting Equipment : Rogue's begin with a Thieves kit and 50s

Skill Increases :  Thievery and Stealth

Weapons : Rogues begin with a proficiency in a class of weapons

Defense : Rogues gain a level of proficiency in the Dodge skill.


Exploit Weakness

At level 1 Rogues learn where to hit an enemy to give both themselves and any allies bonuses against opponents hit:


Off Balance

When a rogue successfully strikes an opponent regardless of if the attack does damage the defenders take a -2 penalty to any Defenses until the beginning of the rogues next turn.


Expose Armor

The rogue reduces the DR of any opponent he hits by 1 for each hit he succeeds at during the round. The penalty lasts until the beginning of the rogues next turn.


Twist the Knife

Once per turn when a rogue successfully strikes an opponent he may increase the damage of that attack by 50%.



While fighting with two weapons you can use your dexterity bonus to damage instead of your strength.



While fighting while wielding only a one handed weapon gain a +2 to damage rolls.


Trick of the Trade:

At level 2 Rogues gain one of the following benefits, each may only be taken once unless otherwise stated. At level 8, 14, and 20 you may select another trick of the trade

Martial Tricks

You gain an additional proficiency level with a class of weapons.

Magic Tricks

You gain an additional proficiency level with Magic

Skill Unlock

You gain an additional proficiency with a skill, this may be taken multiple time but cannot raise a skill above proficiency caps.


When flanking with an ally you are able to hit vital spots more easily. Gain a +2 to damage on all attacks.


When flanking with an ally you excel at distracting your opponent giving both yourself and any flanking ally a +2 to attacks.

Style Archetype:

Starting at level 3 Rogues gain access to archetypes that will heavily influence how they fight.




The sniper focuses on his targets from afar, never wanting to get to close where he would lose his advantage.

Blade Dancer:


The Blade Dancer stays nimble in the fight, fending off attacker against herself while moving into advantageous positions with her allies.

Critical Focus :

Starting at level 6 the Rogue increases the threat range of their weapon from 20 to 19-20. This increases at level 12, and again at 18 to 18-20, and 17-20 respectively.

Artful Dodge :

At 9th level once per day a Rogue may spend a quick action to gain a unique reaction until the start of his next turn. He may use this as many times as he has reactions.

Perfect Dodge : 

When this reaction is used the rogue gains a +2 Dodge bonus to Defense Rolls and upon a successful defense may take a 5 ft step. This movement does not provoke and does not count against their movement in the following turn. 

Master of Many :

At 17th level a Rogue becomes truly skilled at most area's in life. Upon reaching level 17 a rogue picks up to 1 skill and one attack to increase their proficiency with. 

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