Here are a list of playable races in Othea, the racial features are listed below, for more information on what their customs and daily life is like click on their name to go to their page.



Attributes : +1 to any stat of their Choice

Adaptive : Humans have learned many different skills in many different ways and can use skills in new and original ways. Select two skills and change the stat they gain their bonus to another of the same type. Str could choose Dex/Con. Int could you Wis/Cha.


High Elf:

Attributes : +1 Dexterity and Intelligence

Arcane Affinity : High Elves gain a +2 trait bonus to the occult skill, and once per day may roll with advantage on that skill check.

Forest Elf:

Attributes : +1 Constitution and +1 Wisdom

Natural Affinity : Forest Elves gain a +1 bonus to the Herbal Lore and Animal Lore skills, and may roll with advantage on one of these checks per day.

Dark Elf:


Attributes : +1 Strength and +1 Charisma

Divine Affinity : Shadow Elves gain a +2 bonus to Theology and can roll with advantage once per day.

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