Library of the Lich

Plot Points : Library of the Lich is a supplement for use with any type of Roleplaying game. It contains the descriptions of a powerful, sentient building containing millennia of hidden knowledge and the wardens who keep it safe. With two unique NPC's, 4 powerful items, and an arcane library at your disposal, this makes a unique addition to any type of story.

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The Dragon Gods

Long before the first human ascended the dragon gods drew breath. Powerful and enigmatic, their history is bloody and far reaching, spanning many planets and much of time itself. In this book you'll be introduced to 10 new gods, compatible with Pathfinder Second Edition as well as a new way to view gods and how they interact with souls.

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Half-Dragon, Blighted, and Imald Ancestries

Ready to delve into a new setting but need a few more options to really make a character yours? Introducing our newest line, Backstory Builder. This edition includes 3 ancestries :

Half-Dragon : Proud and powerful characters that will show everyone who's the best.
Blighted : A fungus infused character that embraces their unique abilities.
Imald : Character's who have feasted on magical beasts, gaining some of their power.

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Creature Codex The Lunar Dragon

Need a creature for an upcoming encounter but don't quite like what's in the bestiary? Introducing Creature Codex! Small PDF's that contain 4 stat blocks at varying challenges that you can slot into any campaign. 


Lunar Dragons are mysterious creatures who deal in secrets, just think of what you could learn by tracking one down.

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