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More Complex Ancestries

Like I mentioned last week here are the 6 animals (some have been updated) and their wild ancestries. This is something I hope to expand upon later and perhaps revisit as balance requires.

This is a Complex Ancestry which must be taken at level 1. You pick a heritage from another Ancestry but must take your level 1 feet from the Wild Ancestry list. You count as the Race of your chosen heritage for purposes of spells/knowledge checks. Your level 9 ancestry feat must also be chosen from the Wild list, and your appearance will change to match your new abilities, how long this takes is at the discretion of the GM.

Wild Ancestry Feats:

Level 1

Muzzle (Fox)   Wild 1 Your face has taken on a similar shape to a foxes, granting you sharper teeth. You gain a 1d6 Bite attack that has the agile trait. In addition you have gained some of the foxes natural cunning and become trained in Deception.

Divining Tail (Fox)  Wild 1 You were born with a small fox tail and magical abilities that were unusual for your age. You gain the Dancing Lights and Know Direction cantrips that may be cast at will.

Tripping Bite (Wolf)  Wild 1 Your face is the muzzle of a large wolf, grating you a 1d6 Bite attack with the agile trait and trip traits. When attempting a trip with your bite, you gain a +1 bonus to the athletics check.

Keen Sense (Wolf)  Wild 1 Your nose is elongated and is far more sensitive than your allies. Whenever you would fail a perception check based on smell it becomes a success instead.

Claws (Cat)   Wild 1 Your hands have grown fur and have become more like paws, while this doesn’t inhibit their use it has given you razor sharp claws that can be used in battle. You gain a claw attack that deals 1d4 damage with the agile trait. In addition when using your claws to climb you gain a +1 bonus to athletics checks.

Feline Grace (Cat)  Wild 1 You have a small tail that helps you maintain your balance in precarious situations. You become trained in acrobatics and treat a failure from using the Balance action as a success instead.

Swarming (Rat)  Wild 1 Your skin is covered in the same fur as rats, and has made fighting in close corners with those who share your affliction easier. While adjacent or in the same square as an ally, you count as flanking an opponent.

Darkvision (Rat)  Wild 1 Your eyes have a red tint that help you see during the night. Gain 30ft darkvision, or if your base race already has it, increase it by 30ft.

Sonar (Bat)   Wild 1 Your ears become large and very sensitive to sounds. When you fail a perception check based on auditory effects treat a failure as a success.

Gliding Wings (Bat)  Wild 1 The small wings on your back are not strong enough for physical flight but do allow you to glide while falling, moving 30 ft per 10 feet of vertical distance.

Hypnotic Gaze (Snake)  Wild 1 Your eyes are serpentine and move in a pattern that help empower the abilities of your enhancement spells. Increase your class DC by 1 when casting Enchantment Spells

Scaled Skin (Snake)  Wild 1 Patches of rough scales cover your body and your limbs are slightly longer and more flexible than normal. When attempting a grapple check against an opponent you cannot critically fail.

Level 9

Two Tailed Mystic (Fox)  Wild 9   Requires Divining Tail (Fox) A second tail is grown and gives you access to the Augury spell as a 2nd level occult spell which you may cast once per day. In addition the Flat check rolled by the DM is reduced to a DC 3.

Pack Attack (Wolf)  Wild 9 When you start your turn adjacent to an ally and take the guarded step action you instead may step 5 twice.

Serrated Claws (Cat)  Wild 9  Requires Claws (Cat) Increase  your claw damage to a d6 and whenever the user scores a critical hit  half the damage is dealt as persistent bleed instead.

Animal Empathy (Rat)  Wild 9       You gain the ability to call rats from the nearby area to swarm your enemy. Once per day you may call a Rat Swarm to aid you which lasts for 1 minute before dispersing. This can only be used in areas where rats could live. The GM may decide to augment the swarms stats based on the location, for example if in an area that is predominantly dire rats, the swarm could be farm more deadly.

Flight (Bat)   Wild 9  Requires Gliding Wings (Bat) Your wings strengthen to the point of natural flight. You gain a fly speed equal to your base speed or 20 feet, whichever is greater.

Silver Tongue (Snake) Wild 9 You voice allures all who hear it, allowing you to ensnare large groups of people with simple speech. You may cast Enthrall as a level 3 occult spell once per day.

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