Ancestries of Vedia : Dwarves

Creatures from all walks of life find their homes in Vedia’s landscape. Some were natives before the Empire took over, some came through slavery, and many more have migrated when the empire fell to seeking to learn the secrets of their demise.

Dwarves :

Populations are greatest in the mountainous regions to the north where they have excavated extravagant cities into the mountains which double as nearly impregnable fortresses from the surface. They can still be found most commonly as merchants in every corner of the continent, and many have made it their personal mission to uncover why their ancient empire fell.

Heritage : Vedian Descendant

The crafting ingenuity of your ancestors is found most prominently in you and gives you insight against Golems. Whenever you roll a Lore check to identify a creature with the Golem trait increase your success by one level. You also become trained in Lore (Golem).

1st Level Feats 

Constructs Bane :    Dwarf 1

Your constant tinkering with constructs has given you great insight as to their weaknesses and how to exploit their armor. When performing a strike action against any creature with the Construct trait, treat their physical resistance (if they have it) as if it were two less. You become trained in Lore (Construct).

Archaeologist :      Dwarf 1

Through constant traveling and braving dangerous excavation sites you’ve gained some experience dealing with traps, both natural and manufactured. You gain a +1 on perception checks made to notice traps and when passing within 10 feet of one you If you aren’t using the Seek action or searching, the GM automatically rolls a secret check for you to notice hazards anyway. This check doesn’t gain the circumstance bonus, and it takes a –2 circumstance penalty. 

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