Monster Creation


Monster creation in Othea is done in 5 simple steps.

1) Determine its level

2) Determine the Difficulty

3) Pick a creature type

4) Choose its class

5) Choose abilities

Determine your monsters level

You start by determining how difficult you want your monster to be, compared to your to the total level of your party. For example if you have a group of 4 level 1 characters, the number of levels you can give a monster is equal to 1/2 the total which in this case is 2. In order to have a balanced encounter you should avoid going much over or under this number of levels per encounter unless you feel the extra challenge is needed.

Determine your monsters level

Determining difficult is done by choosing from the following Difficulties :

Novice - Very Easy, this should be used for encounters that aren't particularly threatening to the PC's

Trained  - Easier, this difficulty is for minor threats that might gain the upper hand if they surprise the PC's

Skilled - Normal, this is what monsters are balanced around and should represent a real threat to the PC's

Expert - Difficult, this should be a challenge for any party

Master - Very Difficult, when fighting a threat of this level the PC's will be pushed to their very limits.

Choose a Creature type

Every creature has a baseline of stats that it uses, and grants different inherent abilities.


Choose a Class

There are many different classes to choose from, each of which grants their own unique ability bonuses and skill increases.

Choose creature abilities

Take the level of the creature and its difficulty and reference the proficiency chart to determine the number of points that can be spent towards monster abilities.

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