Tree’s of Magic:

There are 7 trees of magic, each with their own focus.


  1. Creation - The power to bring ideas and elements to life in new and interesting ways.

  2. Destruction - Harnessing the raw power of magic to solve problems through force.

  3. Illusion - Deceiving the senses and controlling the mind to great effect.

  4. Enfeeblement - Reducing your enemies strength to increase your odds.

  5. Enhancement - Bolster your strength to aid in fighting formidable foes.

  6. Necromancy - Power over undeath, curses, and the dark side of ones soul.

  7. Restoration - Healing, repairing, and protection from the ravages of magic misused.


Gaining Magic :

Upon gaining a new level of Proficiency you obtain access to a new tree of magic. If gained through using a Character Advancement, you increase your Proficiency in all known tree's of magic before adding a new one at the Novice Level. Your level of Proficiency in Magic is equal to your highest known tree. For example if you are Skilled in Destruction, you are considered a Skilled Mage.

Learning Spells

Whenever you gain a level of proficiency with a Tree of Magic, you also gain 2 spells at the new proficiency level attained or lower. For example if you are raising your proficiency from Skilled to Expert, you could learn up to a total of 2 spells from Novice, Trained, Skilled or Expert.

Types of Magic:

In Othea there are 3 types of magic: Divine, Arcane and Natural.


Divine :

Magic granted to the clergy of a god, demon, or other-worldly being. It often tends to heal the sick and wounded, inflict pain upon those who denounce your god, or can be channeled to bring great power to a weapon you are wielding.

Divine casters treat their effective caster level as 1 higher when using spells from the Restoration, Creation or Enhancement Tree's of magic.


Arcane :

Magic learned through study, and years of practice. Spells used to levitate objects, charm your enemies, sling great balls of fire across the battlefield, and so much more. All types of effects can be achieved if one experiments enough. 

Arcane casters learn 1 additional spell when increasing a magic proficiency including those gained at level 1.


Natural :

Magic of the Elements, plants, and seasons. Entangling your foe with vines, growing claws and maw big enough to rake your enemies, or calling down lighting from a conjured storm are all aspects of natural magic.

A natural magic user chooses an elemental type such as cold, fire, or electric and may amplify spells of the chosen type for 1 less Natura. This bonuses increases to 2 at level 5, and every 4 levels thereafter.


Natura is the word given to magic by many. Gathering it from the surrounding area and from within yourself are the basics of casting magic. 

Gaining Natura:

All characters gain an amount of Natura equal to their Proficiency in Magic * 3 + Their Casting Modifier determined by their class * their character level.

Gather Natura:

All Spells have a power cost to cast. Let take our example spell from above which we have named Flame Dart. Given that it is only a level 1 spell it’s Natura cost is 1. Gathering Natura requires 2 actions to complete and you must be able to speak and gesture with at least 1 hand, if you gather enough to cast the spell you may do so in the same action.. You can gather an amount of Natura depending on your class (min 1) As part of gathering Natura you may cast any spell that has a casting time of 2 or less, if you spend all 3 actions you can gather 2x your normal Natura.

All characters can gather an amount of Natura equal to their Proficiency in Magic, though this may be modified by feats or class abilities.

Holding Natura:

Any Natura you have gathered you keep held as a free action. Your body however does have a limit can only hold an amount of Natura equal to your level * 3. Feats and Class abilities can raise or lower this amount. If you attempt to hold Natura for longer than 1 minute without spending or increasing the amount via the Cast a Spell or Gather Power actions, you lose an amount of held Natura equal to 1 per character level. This can be mitigated with a successful Spellcraft Check with a DC equal to the amount of Held Natura.

Hiding Natura:

You can attempt to hide the Natura you've currently gathered or are holding. This requires a Spellcraft Check with a DC equal to the amount of Natura currently gathered. This check may be made as a free action at the end of a turn in which the Gather Power action has been taken and its effects last one minute. If you wish to continue Hiding Natura after 1 minute you spend an action to attempt the check again.

Hiding Spells:

You may attempt hide the casting of a spell using  the Spellcraft skill. You may attempt to remove a casting component (Verbal or Somatic) of a spell by making a Spellcraft check DC = 15 + (Proficiency Level of the Spell * 3). If you are attempting to remove multiple components the DC increases to 25 + (Proficiency Level of the Spell *3). Feats or other class features can reduce this DC.

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