Greedy, kind, obsessed, apathetic… all are apt descriptions of the race known as humans. They can be found in every nook and cranny of the world, surviving in climates and living through disasters which are considered legendary. Their tenacity to succeed drives many to greatness and many more to ruin as many races have theorized that they have an overwhelming desire to prove they are among the most powerful and adaptive race to walk the planet.


Their society tends to be localized and deceptively inviting of other cultures, often merging old customs with new in an attempt to move away from the past. Humans often regard other races with an intense interest that unfortunately often remains superficial, as even the best researchers are not often considered experts in any of the social aspects of other races. Their curiosity has led them to mix with other cultures well and settle even in the most unlikely of villages though many races still regard them with trepidation as humans history is littered with golden ages, dark crusades, war, blood feuds, and everything in between.


Physical description : Standing anywhere from 5-6’ tall the skin color of a human relies generally on the area they live in, with the most sunny and warm climates providing a darker hues and the colder winter climates tending to be paler. Eyes, bone structure and even muscle distribution can differ drastically between humans, though many tend to have identifying traits from their place of birth.


Society : There are very few governments, lifestyles, attitudes and traditions that have not been tried and used by Humans. Given their fluid nature even the most ancient of traditions of humans can only go back a few centuries at most, mere child's play to some of the other long lived races such as elves or dwarves. Their willingness to adapt is envied by many, and their recklessness to explore the unknown is cautioned against by more.


Religion : Humans have no formalized religion and worshipers can be found among nearly any religion around the world.


Racial Features :

Attributes : +1 to any stat of their Choice

Size : 1

Speed : 30 ft

Languages : Humans begin play speaking Common, Humans with high Intelligence may begin with a number of additional languages equal to their positive intelligence modifier.


Adaptive : Humans have learned many different skills in many different ways and can use skills in new and original ways. Select two skills and change the stat they gain their bonus to another of the same type. Str could choose Dex/Con. Int could choose Wis/Cha. They also gain a level of proficiency with those skills.

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