High Elves


Tall and slender, the High Elves can be found around the world. They have forsaken their innate tie to nature, and instead have formed a connection with the arcane. Anywhere a source of magic is found, high elves are sure to be there.


Respect for tradition runs deep within their blood, and few stray from the old ways of life. Often the form friendships with long lived races, though they associate with short lived races such as humans as they have demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for learning the art of the arcane in such short amounts of time.


Physical description : The High Elves call the plains and plateaus their homes and have created great cities devoted to their ancient arcane teachings. Their bodies are lithe and minds are sharp.


Society : Regardless of where they are from all elves hold a regard for nature and living with it, instead of using it as an expendable resource. Leaders of elven societies are often the oldest and wisest and adhere strictly to tradition as change does not come quickly to them.


Religion : Elves can be found among any religion but many are often found worshipping gods that center around community, nature, and family.


Racial Features :

Attributes : +1 Dexterity and Intelligence

Size : 1

Speed : 30 ft

Languages : Elves begin play speaking Common, Elves with high Intelligence may begin with a number of additional languages equal to their positive intelligence modifier.


Arcane Affinity : High Elves gain a level of proficiency with the occult skill, and once per day may roll with advantage on that skill check.

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