Forest Elves​

Tall and fit the long lived Forest Elves embodies the spiritual force of nature. Many of their kind seek to maintain a balance with the world to ensure that both mortals and nature survive. Their complexion and features slowly change to adapt to the area they live in as they bond with the local wildlife and community often staying in one place for centuries at a time.


Respect for Tradition runs deep within their blood, and few stray from the old ways of life. They strive for friendships with races whose lifespan matches their own or longer. Such comradery once formed last centuries and provide strong alliances. Once slighted however, their ire remains just as long. Others prefer to interact with the short lived races such as humans though it pains them to watch several generations pass by as they outlive entire family lines.


Physical description :The Forest Elves live among the trees and swamps, crafting their homes from the trees and shrubs themselves. They often travel several miles in a day to gather and search for provisions when their surroundings plants bloom. They often have the closest bond to Natural magic of any elf.


Racial Features :

Attributes : +1 Constitution and +1 Wisdom

Size : 1

Speed : 30 ft

Languages : Elves begin play speaking Common, Elves with high Intelligence may begin with a number of additional languages equal to their positive intelligence modifier.


Natural Affinity : Forest Elves gain a level of proficiency with the Herbal Lore or Animal Lore skill, and may roll with advantage on one of these checks per day.

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