The Fighter

A fighters range of skills can be anywhere from the master of all weapons, or a legendary sword saint who's use of a blade knows no parallel.


Combat Style, Character Advancement


Fighter's Edge 1


Style Archetype




Ability Increase, Character Advancement


Weapon Focus 1


Archetype Improvement


Fighter's Edge 2


Shrug it off, Character Advancement


Ability Increase


Archetype Improvement


Weapon Focus 2


Fearless, Character Advancement


Fighter Edge 3


Ability Increase, Archetype Improvement




Weapon Master, Character Advancement


Weapon Focus 3


Archetype Improvement


Fighter's Edge 4, Ability Increase

Saving Throws :

Fortitude : Trained

Reflex : Novice

Will : Novice


HP : 12 + 6/lvl

Starting Equipment : Fighter's begin with a Dungeoneer's Kit and 50 s.

Skill Increases :  Athletics and Intimidate

Weapons : Fighters begin with 2 levels of proficiency with weapon classes. A fighter may only raise any given weapon class to Skilled at level 1.

Defenses : Fighters Gain a level of proficiency in a Defense Skill.


Combat Style

At level 1 Fighters choose a combat style from the list below:


Two Handed : Fighters gain 2x their strength bonus instead of just 1.5x to damage when wielding a two handed weapon.


Archery : Gain a +2 to Ranged attacks.


Defender : Gain the distraction reaction, if an opponent tries to attack an adjacent ally you may spend your reaction to grant an ally a +4 Bonus to their AC.


Two Weapon : While fighting with two weapons you can use your full strength bonus to damage on each instead of ½ .


Duelist : While fighting while wielding only a one handed weapon gain a +2 to damage.


Fighter’s Edge

At level 2 fighters gain a second reaction to use as well as a special reaction that is usable once per day.



Retaliate :

You can spend your reaction to strike an enemy who just scored a hit against you in combat.


At level 8, 14, and 20 you gain another reaction and may pick another special reaction from the list.


Style Archetype:

Starting at level 3 Fighters gain access to archetypes that will heavily influence how they fight.




The sniper focuses on his targets from afar, never wanting to get to close where he would lose his advantage.

Blade Dancer:


The Blade Dancer stays nimble in the fight, fending off attacker against herself while moving into advantageous positions with her allies.

Weapon Focus :

Starting at level 6 you may select one weapon with which you are proficient. You gain a +1 to attack and damage with the chosen weapon. At 12th level you may select another weapon, and increase the bonus of the first to +2, and at 18th you may add a third and increase the first bonus to a +3 and the second to a +2 as well as increasing.


Shrug it off :

At 9th level a fighter gains the ability to throw off some of the damage he has received. Once per day as a standard action he can heal a number of hit points equal to 3d10+Level.


Weapon Master :

At 17th level a fighter may become a master of a single weapon, This weapon must be the first weapon he chose as weapon focus. He increases his proficiency level with that weapon to Master, if you already a master with that weapon your bonus increase to +4 to attack and damage instead of +3.

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