A feat is an ability gained from either your level, race, skill training, or background. Many of these grant unique actions to use in both combat and social encounters. Every class gains 1 technique at level 1 and 3, and every even 4 levels thereafter. Feats are formatted as below.

Heavy Strike, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Martial, or +2 Str

Description : The melee swings of your weapon bear the full weight of your strength though this causes them to become less accurate.

Effect : Your attacks take a -1 penalty in exchange for +2 damage

Gregarious, General :

Requirement : Trained in Persuasion or Intimidate

Description : Your personality is so contagious that even those who don't agree with you manage to be turned to your cause.

Effect : When attempting persuasion or intimidate on an individual you may ignore the -5 penalty  if you have failed a check against them within the last 24 hours.

There are different categorizes of feats listed here:




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