Condition Summary


Stunned Characters are denied their dexterity bonus to any Defense rolls and roll with disadvantage.



Characters who are asleep take a -8 penalty on any skill checks that rely on sight or sound and can take no actions. They also are denied their dexterity bonus on any Defense rolls.


Entangled characters cannot move more than 5 ft per action and take a -2 penalty to their Dexterity, Defense and Attack rolls.  



You don’t threaten any squares while grappled. You lose your Dexterity bonus to Defense (if you have one) against opponents you aren’t grappling. In addition any attacks made against opponents that you are not grappling with take a -2 penalty.



Weakened is always followed by a number. A character takes a penalty to all actions equal to their weakened number.



Blinded characters roll with disadvantage on all rolls that rely on site. In addition all creatures gain concealment against blinded characters. Blind characters must make a DC 10 Athletics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone.



Confused characters act unpredictably. At the start of a characters turn roll a d4 and apply the results below.

1-Character performs an unarmed strike against them self dealing 1d4+STR damage

2-Character may act normally for the round

3-Character mutters incoherently

4-Character performs a strike (either ranged or melee) against the nearest character to them.



When your character reaches a Dying level equal to 5+ their constitution modifier, they are dead. Characters can also be killed from having their constitution modifier reduced to -5. Dead character can never take actions.



When your character’s current hit points would drop to below 0 you begin dying. A dying character immediately falls unconscious and can take no actions. At the beginning of your turn you have Dying 1 or greater make a fortitude save with the DC equal to your level of Dying +10, if you fail you gain an additional level, if you pass you become stable. Upon reaching Dying a level of dying equal to 5+ your constitution modifier, you die.



When your current hit points drop to exactly 0, you’re disabled. You can only take 1 action per turn, and if it is more strenuous than simply moving you take fall unconscious and gain the dying state. Any healing applied reduces the dying state by 1 for every 5 points of healing.



Fatigued characters take a -2 penalty to strength and dexterity and may only take 2 actions per turn. Their number of reactions is not limited.



Exhausted Characters take a -4 penalty to Strength and Dexterity and may only take 1 action per turn. Their number of reactions is not limited.



Hindered characters lose an amount of move speed equal to 5* the hindered value. For example Hindered 1 means that a characters move speed is reduced by 5. If it would reduce a creatures movement speed to 0, they become immobilized.



Fascinated characters can take only a move action on their turn in. They cannot take attacks of opportunity but take no penalties to any of their defensive rolls. Any offensive actions taken against a fascinated character immediately breaks this effect. If the character witness any hostile actions, or dangerous actions taken against any ally they are entitled to another save against the fascination with a +4.



At the start of a combat and before you have had a chance to act you are Surprised. You are denied your dexterity bonus to any defense roll until you have taken a turn, even if you took no actions during that turn. Surprised Characters cannot take reactions.



A helpless opponent is someone who is immobilized, sleeping, paralyzed, unconscious, or any other status effect that prevents you from taking both actions and reactions. 



A paralyzed character is unable to move in any form. They treat their dexterity and strength as -5 for the purposes of any defense rolls and roll with disadvantage. They cannot take any actions that are not purely mental in nature. If a flying creature becomes paralyzed the begin to fall out of the sky.


Partial Paralysis

Characters who suffer from partial paralysis are denied their dexterity bonus to Defense rolls and roll with disadvantage. In addition their move speed is slowed to ¼ their base move speed. Any bonuses to move speed are also reduced to ¼ .



When an opponent has pinned you, you are held immobilized and but are not considered helpless for 1 round. While you’re pinned, you take a -4 penalty to your Defense rolls against opponents other than the one pinning you. On your turn, you can try to escape the pin by making an opposed grapple check. You can make an Athletics in place of a Grapple check. If you succeed, you escape the pin but are still grappled.



Immobilized characters are those who are not incapable of movement such as paralysis, but are having their movements actively restrained. They treat their Dexterity bonus as -5 for the purposes of Defense rolls, but are not considered helpless. They cannot take any actions involving movement but are otherwise unrestricted with their actions for the turn.



A character who is lying on the ground is prone. While prone they take gain a +4 bonus to their Defense roll against Ranged Strikes, and a -4 against Melee Strikes. While prone a character may crawl at ½ their speed and cannot take a 5ft step.



Shaken characters roll with disadvantage on Strikes, Skill checks and Will Saving throws.



Sickened characters roll with disadvantage on Fortitude and Reflex Saving throws.



Staggered always has a number accompanying it. This denotes the amount of actions a character is denied. Staggered 1 means that a character may only take 2 actions for the round. If the condition would be raised to Staggered 3 it instead upgrades to the Paralyzed Condition. Staggered characters may not take Full-Round actions but suffer no penalty to Defense Rolls.



Unconscious characters take the same penalties as a paralyzed character but are still allowed to use reactions if the reaction could be used while unconscious.



Stunned characters drop all held items that are not attached or otherwise strapped on and roll with disadvantage on any defense rolls. They take an additional -2 penalty when defending against Martial Skills.

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