Combat Statistics :

Attack Roll

An attack roll represents your attempt to strike your opponent on your turn in a round. When you make an attack roll, you roll a 2d10 and add your attack bonus. (Other modifiers may also apply to this roll.) If your result equals or beats the target’s Armor Class, you hit and deal damage.

Attack Bonus :

Your attack bonus with a melee weapon is:

Proficiency Modifier with that Weapon + Strength Modifier

With a ranged weapon, your attack bonus is:

Proficiency Modifier with that Weapon + Dexterity modifier

Damage :

When you successfully strike an opponent you deal damage. Damage is calculated as follows :

Weapon/Spell Damage + Modifiers either from class abilities, attributes or any other sources.

Damage reduces a target’s current hit points. If penalties reduce the damage result to less than 1, a hit still deals 1 point of damage.


Strength Bonus :

When you hit with a melee or thrown weapon, including a sling, add your Strength modifier to the damage result. A Strength penalty, but not a bonus, applies on attacks made with a bow that is not a composite bow.

Off-Hand Weapon :

When you deal damage with a weapon in your off hand, you add only ½ your Strength bonus.

Wielding a Weapon Two-Handed :

When you deal damage with a weapon that you are wielding two-handed, you add 1½ times your Strength bonus. 

Ability Damage

Some creatures and spells inflict ability damage.

Defense Roll :

Your Defense Roll represents how hard it is for both you and your opponent to hit each other. This is calculated differently depending on if you are Dodging or Blocking an attack.

Your Dodge Bonus (DB) is equal to the following:

Proficiency with Dodge + Dexterity Modifier + Armor Modifier + Other Bonuses


Your Block Bonus (BB) is equal to the following:

Proficiency with Block + Dexterity Modifier + Armor Modifier + Other Bonuses.

Armor has a maximum dexterity bonus, you cannot add a modifier that exceeds the limit set by your armor.

Sometimes you are denied your dexterity bonus, in which case you do not add your dexterity to your Defense Roll.


Other Modifiers :

There are additional sources of armor such as enhancement, morale, dodge, etc. Unless otherwise stated none of types stack with themselves.


Hit Points :

When your hit point total reaches 0, you are Staggered 2, and if you take a strenuous action or are hit again you gain Dying 1 and go unconscious.

Dying :

When a character has taken sufficient damage a character gains the Dying state. If at the beginning of your turn you have Dying make a fortitude save with the DC equal to your level of Dying +10, if you fail you gain an additional level, you lose a level and do not have to make this save for 1 minute. Upon reaching Dying 10 you are dead.

Each successful attack against you applies 2 levels of dying, critical hits apply 4 and a coup de grace applies 8.


Speed :

Your speed determines how far you can move per move action. You may spend all 3 actions to run 4x your normal move speed in a straight run.

Saving Throws :

When targeted by some spells and abilities you make a saving throw to throw off the effects. Saving throws are calculated as follows :

Save Proficiency Bonus + ability modifier + miscellaneous modifiers

Saving Throw Types :

The three different kinds of saving throws are Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.

Fortitude :

Your bodies ability to throw off ailments such as disease, poison, or the life sapping energy of necromancy spells. You apply your constitution modifier to your Fortitude save.

Reflex :

You speed and ability to remove yourself from dangerous situations. Situations include bracing yourself from an incoming fireball, jumping out of the way of a boulder and staying upright in an earthquake. You apply your dexterity modifier to your Reflex save.

Will :

Your mental resistance to spells that threaten to warp your mind. You apply your wisdom modifier to your Will save.

Saving Throw Difficulty Class :

The DC for a save is determined by the attack and its modifiers.

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