Combat Feats :

Heavy Strike, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Martial, or +2 Str

Type : Active 1, Strike, Full Round Effect.

Description : The melee swings of your weapon bear the full weight of your strength though this causes them to become less accurate.

Effect : Your attacks take a -1 penalty in exchange for +2 damage

Twin Strike, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in a One handed Weapon, or +2 Dex

Type : Active 2, Strike

Description : You strike an enemy with two one handed weapons simultaneously.

Effect : Once per turn you may make a strike with both your main hand and off hand simultaneously. This counts as one attack for purposes of multiple attack penalty.

Spell Strike, Combat :

Requirement : Novice with Magic and a Weapon

Type : Active 2

Description : When casting a spell either from accumulated Natura or as a result of the gather power action you may channel a spell with range of Short or touch through your weapon and perform a strike. If you succeed you do your weapons damage and affect the target with the cast spell. If you miss the spell is resides within the weapon for a number of rounds equal to your level or until its duration has elapsed.

Deft Dodger : 

Requirement : Experienced in Dodge

Type : Reaction

Description : After making a successful dodge roll you may take a 5ft step. This movement does not provoke from your attacker but provokes from any other enemies.

Twin Shot, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Bows, or +2 Dex

Type : Active 1, Ranged Strike

Description : You fire two shots off in quick succession with your bow.

Effect : Once per turn you may make two ranged strikes with your bow against an opponent as a single action. Both of these attacks take a -2 penalty and are included towards the penalty for multiple attacks.

Pinning Shot, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Bows and +2 Str

Type : Active 2, Ranged Strike

Description : You fire an arrow with such force that you lodge the arrow in your opponent.

Effect : On a successful hit your lodge an arrow in an opponent. They gain the Hindered 2 condition until the arrow is removed. Removing the arrow requires a Str check DC 12, if they spend more than one action they get a +3 to this check for each action. Every additional arrow increases Hindered by 1, up to a maximum of 5.

Sweeping Strike, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Axes

Type : Active 2, Strike

Description : You swing your axe in a large arc attempting to hit multiple opponents.

Effect : You may make a strike action against an opponent and upon successfully hitting them may continue the attack on to another enemy who is adjacent and within reach of the first. This affect stops once someone successfully blocks your attack or you.

Denting Blow, Combat :

Requirement : Trained in Hammers

Type : Active 2, Maneuver

Description : Leveraging all your strength into a single strike you aim to render an opponents armor useless.

Effect : When attempting to Dent an opponents armor you add 2 additional dents to your result upon a sucessful hit.

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