Blade Dancer: (Fighter​ Archetype)

The Blade Dancer stays nimble in the fight, fending off attacker against herself while moving into advantageous positions with her allies.

Level 3 : Deft Strike​

You may use your dexterity modifier in place of your strength modifier for your bonus to attack, and 1/2 your modifier to damage. You may only be wielding a single one handed weapon to do so.

Level 7 : Parry and Riposte


You gain the parry reaction. You may spend your reaction to roll an attack roll against your opponent at a -4. If you meet or surpass your opponents total you block the attack and may strike at the opponent for free at the same -4 penalty.

Level 11 : Dancing Assault

After a successful strike against an opponent you may take a reposition that does not count against your movement for the turn, and does not cost an action.

Level 15: Whirlwind of steel

You may make an attack against any opponent within reach, including during movement during your turn. You may only use moving the reposition maneuver during the turn in which this ability is used.

Level 19 : Perfect Strike

You may spend a full round action to make a single attack against an opponent. This attack gains a +4 Luck bonus, and automatically crits if it hits, dealing 3x damage instead of 2x.

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