Starting with your childhood we will pick a background that fits your story. All in all there will be 3 stages in your life and at each stage you will pick a background.  Unless otherwise stated you cannot stack your free boosts from each level.

Childhood :

These backgrounds form the basis of your years as a child, they are meant to be used as a guideline to help bring your story to life.

Example :

Street Urchin

Description : You grew up living off the scraps of society and taking what people didn’t guard closely.

Effect : Gain a +1 to Dex/Wis, +1 to two other attributes, and gain a level of proficiency in Thievery and you may roll with advantage 1/day.

Coming of Age :

An event that defined your characters future. (Generally Yields 3 Points)


Example :

Bandit Brawl :

While on a merchant caravan, journey to visit distant family or simply farming in the fields you were waylaid by bandits and found that you have an aptitude for both assessing danger and defending yourself.

Gain a +1 to Str or Dex and two other attributes. You also gain a level of proficiency with a class of weapons, Dodge, and the Notice skill.


Adult Life :

How you have, or haven’t followed your coming of age event. (generally Yields 2 Points)

Example :

Town Guard :

Once you reached an appropriate age you were able to join the local guard and begin to earn a name for yourself.

Gain a +1 to Str or Con and one other attribute. You  gain a level of proficiency with a class of weapons a Defense, and the Profession skill.

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