Arcane Savant: (Mage Archetype)

A savant does not tie themselves to merely one discipline. A total mastery of all the tree's is required.

Level 3 : Versatility

Description : Arcane savants gain a proficiency level in magic in a tree of magic they do not currently possess.

Level 7 : Empowered Spells

Description : Arcane savants gain the ability to push a spell to its absolute limits. 3 times per day they may case a spell and reduce the amplification cost by a number equal to 1/2 their level, this cannot reduce the cost below 0.

Level 11 : All are one

Description : Arcane savants gain the ability to choose one spell per day and lose access to that spell in favor of another spell they do not know from another school at the same level. For example the Arcane savant could lose access to a Trained level Destruction spell and gain access to a Restoration Trained level spell. 

Level 15:  Pure Magic

Description : Up to 3x per day Arcane savants can convert the energy type of any spell they cast to Arcane. These spells ignore any spell resistance, unless the creature is immune to arcane damage, in which case it will still take half.

Level 19 : Power Overwhelming

Description : When Gathering Power, the arcane energies form a physical barrier around the mage, manifesting as a Damage Barrier against all attacks equal to  the 1/3 the amount of Natura currently gathered.

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