Adult Life:

An event that changed your path to the future.

Town Guard :

Once you reached an appropriate age you were able to join the local guard and begin to earn a name for yourself.

Gain a +1 to Str or Con and one other attribute. You  gain a level of proficiency with a class of weapons a Defense, and the Profession skill.

Love Scorned :

You found your soulmate, or so you thought. The feeling of betrayal has led you to become better at reading someone.

Gain a 1 Cha or Int and one other attribute. You also gain a level of proficiency with Persuasion, Deception and Insight.

Minstrel Training : 

You sought out training in the arts having found a calling to perform. While they showed you how to enhance your performance with magical talent, and also how to dodge a drunkards flagon.

Gain a +1  Cha, +1 to one other attribute, a level of proficiency in a branch of magic, and in a performance of your choice.

Arcane Savant :

A prodigy of magic that even seasoned mages are impressed by.

Gain a +1 to Int, +1 to another attribute, a level of proficiency with Defense, a branch of Magic, and either Spellcraft or Occult. 

Knight :

Requires the Squire Background.

Having finished your training you have become a full fledged knight.

Gain a +1 Str or Cha, and gain a level of proficiency in a class of weapons, and a Defense. You begin play with a Skilled quality Weapon, light/medium armor set or a normal quality Heavy Armor of your choice.

Guild Member : 

From adventuring to crafting to sailing and more, guild houses offer a home for anyone with a specialized interest, one that you took them up on.

Gain a +1 to any two attributes, and gain a level of proficiency a with any two of the following skills.


Animal Lore

Herbal Lore







A class of weapons

A Defense

Freedom Fighter :

From either your past a slave or your desire to right the worlds wrongs, you have taken up arms against slavers.

Gain a +1 Dex or Con and +1 to another attribute. Gain a level of proficiency with Insight, a class of Weapons and a Defense.

Beast Trainer :

You've often formed tighter bonds with beasts rather than the people you live with. 

Gain a +1 Wis or Cha, and +1 to another attribute. Gain a level of proficiency in Animal Lore and when training an animal you roll with Advantage. You also gain a level of proficiency with either a class of weapons and a Defense.

Ex Noble:

Whether you disavowed your family or it fell into ruin only your charm has allowed you to continue moving through life.

Gain a +1 Int or Cha, and +1 to another attributes. Gain a level of proficiency in Persuasion, Deception, and Insight.

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